Herbal Consultations

I offer one-on-one support through herbal consultations to support you in your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We will work together to co-create a plan to address the shifts you are seeking to create in your life. I believe we are each our own healers and my role is to listen deeply to you, reflect, provide accountability as needed, and to connect you with plant allies and life practices that will help you fulfill the intentions you set. I welcome you as you are, and provide a confidential, nonjudgmental and affirming space. After each visit I will provide you with a customized herbal formula and a suggestion of practices to try on until we next meet. Our first consultation will be an in depth visit (1.5-2 hours) to lay a foundation for our work together, and will be followed up by monthly hour long consultations. Herbal consults are available in person in the San Francisco Bay Area and I also offer long distance sessions via video conference. Ready to work together? You can book a session now.


I strive to create an accessible practice. My practice space in Oakland is low scent but not scent-free, up a flight of stairs and is not wheelchair accessible. If the space is inaccessible to you, I can offer videoconference or home visit sessions (within a range of the Bay Area). I also strive to make my practice financially accessible - see the energy exchange section below for details.

What can plant medicine help with?

Herbal medicines have been used traditionally for both acute and chronic health conditions. Here are a few examples of conditions that plant medicine can help you find balance and support in:

Anxiety & Depression
Emotional Wellness
Hayfever/Seasonal Allergies
Connection to Ancestors

What is an herbal formula?

Herbal medicines can be made as alcoholic tinctures, teas, vinegars, powders, honeys, food and more. The herbal formulas I will blend for you will primarily be alcohol-based tinctures and teas, though we can adjust accordingly to your needs. I may also recommend working with plants in different ways such as gardening, meditating with them, or cooking.

I source my tinctures for the blends from the apothecary at Ancestral Apothecary. The plants have typically been grown locally and organically in Oakland gardens and by small farmers participating in the Sonoma County Herb Exchange.  

Energy Exchange (Cost of Services)

*The costs below are a reflection of my commitment to my own personal sustainability, matching the rates of other herbalists in the Bay Area, and a desire to keep costs accessible for people with access to varying incomes.

Initial Consult (1.5-2 hours) - sliding scale $120-$170
Follow-Up Consults (1 hour) - sliding scale $65-85
Herbal Medicine - Please budget an additional $15-$45 for the cost of herbal medicine provided after the consult. If you are on a budget, we can strategize the most affordable ways for you to receive herbal medicine.
Pay What You Can - I joyfully offer a limited number of pay what you can consults per month. Please contact me to sign up for for a pay what you can slot.
Full or Partial Trades - I offer a limited number of full and partial trades. Contact me if you have something you would like to offer as a trade.

Scheduling an Appointment

I would be honored to support you on your journey of emotional, physical & spiritual healing. You can sign up for an appointment through schedulicity.

Questions about herbal consults? Feel free to contact me.